PRESS RELEASE: Elite Marketing Dynamics Announces Launch of Luxury Audio Group

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Unveiling a Harmonious Transformation

Elite Marketing Dynamics Announces Launch of Luxury Audio Group

Elite Marketing Dynamics (EMD), announced today the launch of its new identity as Luxury Audio Group. This statement includes the debut of a new website, logo, phone number, social media presence, and new partnerships with additional premium brands, marking a strategic shift in the company’s business philosophy and commitment to delivering an unparalleled experience in high-end audio. This rebranding reflects their dedication to the highest standards of audio excellence, and thriving partnerships with esteemed audio brands.

EMD has been a prominent player in the high-end audio industry for since 2007, fostering relationships with top-tier audio manufacturers and building a network of professional dealer partners across the United States, Canada, and Latin America. Their journey began with a vision to curate and deliver the most exceptional audio products to enthusiasts seeking an elevated sonic experience.

Over the years, their relentless commitment to sound quality and product design led to alliances with some of the most prestigious names in the audio world. These partnerships allowed EMD to offer an exclusive range of speakers, electronics, and cables that redefine the boundaries of sonic perfection and sheer elegance. As their horizons expanded, so did their vision for the future.

Luxury Audio Group emerges as a reflection of EMD’s dedication to delivering not only products, but a rich lifestyle of refined audio indulgence. The term “luxury” transcends material possessions and encompasses the emotion, artistry, and exclusivity that such products bring to discerning enthusiasts. “This rebranding is a strategic move to align our identity with the values that define a relentless commitment to luxury, sophistication, and unparalleled audio experiences. There is an increasing consumer-driven trend demanding sophisticated audio products that have the look and the performance to match discerning tastes.” said Aldo Filippelli, Elite Marketing Dynamics Founder and Owner/CEO of Luxury Audio Group.”

“The newly designed website offers essential information about the distinguished audio brands we offer, an elegant approach that identifies and promotes audio as a part of the luxury lifestyle, and offers quick and easy access to professional dealer networks via an interactive map and search system. The website has interactive functionality and a modern design, allowing visitors a more pleasant and engaging experience.” The website goes live today, April 3, 2024, and is located at:

Luxury Audio Group’s commitment to excellence is mirrored in the attractive elegance and innovative technologies employed in the products by their brand partners. From the artisanal precision of Estelon, a premier loudspeaker manufacturer (Estonia), to the engineering prowess of Vitus Audio (Denmark), audio innovators, Crystal Cable (The Netherlands), and announcing new additions, Ekustik acoustical solutions (Czech), and NEO Highend audio racks (Slovakia), each product in their portfolio is a testament to the rich legacy and avantgarde approach of these esteemed brands, offering a complete audio system experience.

Luxury Audio Group’s dealer partners are crucial in bringing refined products to discerning music lovers seeking audio luxury. They’ve cultivated relationships with dealers who share their passion for delivering extraordinary audio experiences.

The extensive support provided to their dealer partners ensures that the brands and their products reach enthusiasts through channels that uphold high values of excellence and customer satisfaction. The rebranding to Luxury Audio Group is not just an evolution but an opportunity for their dealers to align with a brand that embodies the pinnacle of luxury audio.

Luxury Audio Group marks the beginning of a new era of musical indulgence.  The company is immensely grateful for the support of loyal customers, dealer partners, and esteemed manufacturers who have been instrumental in shaping their success.

*Luxury Audio Group will be co-exhibiting at AXPONA 2024 in Schaumburg D (April 12 – 14) and off-site at The Audio Experience in Palatine, Illinois (April 13-14) which is a short 10 minutes’ drive from the Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel and Convention Center.

For more information, contact: or +1 (725) 772 – 4LUX (4589)

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