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Vitus Audio is a renowned brand in the world of high-end audio equipment, crafting products of superlative quality that stand the test of time. Known for their uncompromising approach, Vitus Audio spares no expense in the development, production, and after-sales care of their meticulously designed and performance-driven audio components.

Hans-Ole Vitus


The journey of Vitus Audio began with a passion for music ignited in the founder, Hans-Ole Vitus, at the age of 12. His early exposure to playing the snare drum in a marching band fueled a lifelong love for music. However, it was at 14 when he acquired his first hi-fi system, sparking an interest in electronics. This curiosity and quest for audio perfection led him to pursue an education in electronics around 1985-86.

Officially founded in 1995, Vitus Audio underwent eight years of development before unveiling its inaugural products in 2003, including the RP-100 Phono Stage, RL-100 Line Stage, and SM-100 Monaural Power Amplifier. Since then, the brand has evolved to become a leader in both analogue and digital audio innovations.

Since Summer 2022, Alexander Vitus Mogensen has taken the helm of the company as active CEO, and Hans has created a division under the AVA Group A/S umbrella (owners of Vitus Audio and Alluxity) where he works fulltime on Engineering, Product Designs, and R&D, creating for the future.

Details About the Company

Vitus Audio manufactures products with cutting-edge technology such as design software, production robots, and quality inspection equipment. This unique infrastructure ensures precision and performance that lasts for decades. The brand’s ethos permeates every aspect, from manufacturing to after-sales service, with trusted partners sharing their dedication and vision.

Initially specializing in analogue systems, Vitus Audio expanded its portfolio to include digital products of outstanding innovation and quality. The company’s range spans from stereo power amplifiers to phono stages, integrated amplifiers, CD transports, and DACs.


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Image hifi (DE) – SIA-025 Mk.II Review (2023)
Image hifi (DE) – SIA-025 Mk.II Review (2023)

Image hifi (DE) – SIA-025 Mk.II Review (2023)
Many thanks to Andreas Wenderoth at image hifi for this fantastic review of our SIA-025 Mk.II Signature Series Integrated Amplifier.

You can download the review in PDF format (German language only) below and be sure to visit their website at

Conversation with Hans-Ole Vitus in High Fidelity (PL)
Conversation with Hans-Ole Vitus in High Fidelity (PL)

Conversation with Hans-Ole Vitus in High Fidelity (PL)
Vitus Audio specializes in amplifiers, but also offers perfect digital-to-analog converters and Compact Disc players . During the High End 2019 exhibition in Munich, it presented its latest product, the SIA-030 integrated amplifier with a characteristic orange anode. As Hans Ole says, this is his most important product in years – one that will launch a new generation of Vitus Audio devices. The device weighs 65 kg, is relatively small and operates either in class A – then it outputs 30 W to an 8 Ω load – or in class AB and outputs 200 W.

HiFi Statement (DE) – RP-102 Review (2023)
HiFi Statement (DE) – RP-102 Review (2023)

HiFi Statement (DE) – RP-102 Review (2023)
It’s probably only the second time that I’ve dealt with a Vitus Audio component. This was due to the sales situation in this country, but also because there is no device in the current price list for less than 12,500 euros. However, this and the very positive experiences with the integrated amplifier raise high expectations for the phono stage.

Audio (de) – Sia-030 Review (2022)
Audio (de) – Sia-030 Review (2022)

Audio (de) – Sia-030 Review (2022)


The Danes are coming! With the Vitus Audio SIA-030, a powerful amp weighing over 60 kilograms. On request up to 30 watts in the finest class A, but far beyond that also in class AB.

Insights from the new heads of state at Vitus Audio
Insights from the new heads of state at Vitus Audio

Insights from the new heads of state at Vitus Audio
On a recent visit to the AVA Group headquarters in Herning, Denmark, we sat down with Alexander Vitus Mogenson and Lukas B. Eriksen to ask about their backgrounds and their vision for the company.

Alexander you’re obviously part of an audio family already but how did you first get introduced to things?

I began working for my father’s company when I was 13, after an initial introduction to labour by acquiring my own paper route; a job you quickly become disenchanted with during the cold winter months so I struck a deal with the devil and began working for my father in the company. This marked my true entry into the business side of things. Before that, I had merely been a spectator. Growing up in a house filled with speakers and other musical equipment music has always been a part of my life, and I never really thought deeply about it. It was just an inherent aspect.

The RI-101 Mk.II is now Roon Ready
The RI-101 Mk.II is now Roon Ready

The RI-101 Mk.II is now Roon Ready
When defining and implementing new ideas in a business, one of the first questions to ask yourself is “What problem am I solving for the customers?”.

In the world of streaming, it can be difficult to set yourself apart from your competitors. It is an aggressive and constantly evolving space.

The first priority is, of course, the user experience: the intuitiveness of the user interface, the speed of the software, the quality of the playback etc. And beyond that, all the additional features that can set your product apart, boosting that user experience.

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