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NEO Highend luxury audio racks epitomize the perfect harmony between functionality and design, elevating your audio experience to unprecedented levels of luxury. Founded in 2002, the Neostyle company initially specialized in interior design and the production of design accessories. However, as our passion for music and design converged, our focus shifted towards creating luxury audio racks under the NEO brand.

Neo Highend


The history of the NEO brand dates back to 2002, when the company embarked on a journey of interior design excellence. Over the years, our portfolio evolved, culminating in the production and distribution of luxury audio racks under the NEO brand. Fueled by a love for music and design, our commitment to technical innovation and the use of special materials has positioned our products as benchmarks in the Hi-Fi and High-end audio sector.

Details about the Brand

NEO Luxury Audio Racks stands for unparalleled craftsmanship, technical innovation, and aesthetic elegance. Racks are meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate into your living space while enhancing your audio setup. From the economical Light Tripod range to the flagship Quattron Reference, their product lineup offers options to suit every taste and system configuration.

Racks feature sonically favorable MDF shelving and anti-resonance technology in the legs, ensuring optimal sound quality without compromising on stability or rigidity. With exhaustive finish options available in both matte and gloss, as well as customizable leg finishes, our racks are as visually striking as they are acoustically superior.

Since it’s inception, NEO Luxury Audio Racks championed the use of Stillpoint isolation feet under equipment, further enhancing the performance of our racks. While they also offer the Stillpoints ESS rack for those seeking advanced technology, their focus remains on delivering racks that prioritize build quality, versatility, and visual appeal.