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Estelon, established in 2010, represents the pinnacle of audio luxury, providing an extraordinary auditory experience for the high-end community. Our commitment to exceptional sound, advanced engineering, and top-notch components defines the unmatched brilliance of Estelon sound systems.

Alfred Vassilkov


Meet Alfred Vassilkov, the visionary behind Estelon’s remarkable journey. Alfred’s passion for audio perfection traces back to his youth in the Soviet era, where he began tinkering with radios to enhance their sound quality. This early interest laid the groundwork for his lifelong pursuit of perfecting sound. Taking a formal step, he pursued studies in electro-acoustics in St Petersburg. In 2010, during a family breakfast, Alfred decided to turn his lifelong dream of creating the world’s best loudspeaker into reality. With the strong support of his daughters Alissa and Kristiina, Estelon was born.

With over 25 years of speaker design experience, Alfred’s quest for perfection and determination to overcome challenges laid the foundation for Estelon. Inspired by Estonia’s lush landscapes, he seamlessly integrated nature’s beauty into his designs. This fusion of engineering and design gave birth to Estelon – a brand known for both aesthetic and acoustic excellence.

Details About the Company

Estelon’s speakers embody meticulous craftsmanship and technological innovation, ensuring perfect harmony in every aspect, from engineering to material selection. Handcrafted to perfection, they are not just beautiful masterpieces but also technological marvels.

Today, Estelon is a top innovator in the audio industry, earning prestigious awards, including three ‘Innovation Awards’ at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and a coveted ‘Red Dot Design Award’. Beyond accolades, Estelon speakers proudly adorn the homes of world-renowned innovators and leaders, showcasing their excellence.


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Estelon Showcases the Aura Model at Krakow Sonic Society’s Meeting
Estelon Showcases the Aura Model at Krakow Sonic Society’s Meeting

Estelon Showcases the Aura Model at Krakow Sonic Society’s Meeting
We recently had the privilege of joining the Krakow Sonic Society (KSS) for their 143rd meeting, an event that brought together music enthusiasts, audiophiles, and friends. Hosted by Tomek Folta, the evening featured an exclusive presentation by Alfred Vassilkov, who introduced the new AURA model and shed light on the essence of the Estelon brand.

Founded in 2005, KSS stands as a vibrant community committed to unravelling the nuances of audio products, recordings, and music. The 143rd meeting represented yet another significant chapter in the society’s ongoing exploration of the boundless world of audio passion.

The sonic journey unfolded at Tomek Folta’s listening room, where a meticulously crafted audio system took centre stage. The combination of an Accuphase P-7300 amplifier, an Aurender N20 file transport, an Ayon Audio Kronos DAC, and a Transrotor Alto TMD turntable, set the stage for an auditory experience like no other. The meeting was divided into two segments: streaming listening and vinyl LP sessions, each accompanied by insightful commentary from KSS members.

We extend our gratitude to the Krakow Sonic Society for the invitation, as well as for the honorary membership, allowing us to share our passion for music with this exceptional community. It’s a testament to the spirit of collaboration and exploration that defines the world of high-fidelity audio.

Estelon won the 2024 editors’ choice award!
Estelon won the 2024 editors’ choice award!

Estelon won the 2024 editors’ choice award!
We are thrilled to announce that our YB Mk II, XB MK II, and X Diamond Mk II models have been awarded the prestigious 2024 Editors’ Choice Award by The Absolute Sound! This recognition is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in the world of high-end audio.

At Estelon, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of luxury audio technology, and being acknowledged by such a respected publication as The Absolute Sound is truly an honour. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the entire team at The Absolute Sound magazine for their recognition of our products’ exceptional quality and performance.

This accolade serves as a validation of our ongoing efforts to deliver unparalleled audio experiences to our customers. We are immensely proud of this achievement and look forward to continuing to set new standards of excellence in the industry.

Join us in celebrating this momentous occasion and stay tuned for more exciting updates from Estelon!

Estelon Story in The Luxury Magazine and The Monthly Audio Magazine (korea)
Estelon Story in The Luxury Magazine and The Monthly Audio Magazine (korea)


In the beginning of the year, Co-Founders Mr. Alfred Vassilkov and Ms. Alissa Vassilkova traveled to Korea to re-launch Estelon with our new official partner DI Corporation / ODE Audio. During the visit, Alfred and Alissa met with journalists from Luxury Magazine and Monthly Audio magazine and told them the story of Estelon and the philosophy behind our speakers.

The Luxury Magazine article HERE

The Monthly Audio Magazine article HERE and also available online HERE

Interview Alfred Vassilkov ‚Äď Estelon
Interview Alfred Vassilkov ‚Äď Estelon

This time we have a very special person in front of the camera: Alfred Vassilkov from Estelon. You know: those special speakers from Estonia. Vassilkov is the founder of Estelon and the designer of these special creations. We had the opportunity to talk to him for over an hour about his childhood, his passions and his designs. You can see the full interview in the video below. You can also listen to the interview via Soundcloud

Estelon Cooperation with Devialet
Estelon Cooperation with Devialet

Together with the French high-end audio company Devialet, Estelon has developed a fully compatible version of the Estelon YB model with the AXD¬ģ (Active X-over Design) technology. Active cross-over for the speakers is performed in the digital domain, using DSP-based crossover filters already available in the Devialet Expert Pro platform.

AXD¬ģ enables the loudspeaker designer to digitally modify the filtering parameters, which otherwise would be physically limited. It provides the shortest analog signal path in the history of audio. Less is again more.