About Luxury Audio Group

Welcome to Luxury Audio Group, where the art of sound meets unrivaled sophistication.

Our journey is steeped in decades of audio expertise and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of sonic excellence.

Whether you are an audio enthusiast or a music lover, Luxury Audio Group brings you a curated selection of the finest, most exclusive audio products.

Welcome to a realm where every note is a masterpiece, and every product reflects our relentless pursuit of audio perfection.

Meet Our Dedicated Luxury Audio Group Team

Our team at Luxury Audio Group is committed to delivering exceptional services in the audio and Highend industry. With years of experience and strong relationships, we provide top-notch solutions to our clients.

Aldo Filippelli

CEO/President At Luxury Audio Group

Mr. Filippelli, the Founder of Luxury Audio Group, boasts a rich history in the audio industry, backed by a wealth of experience and unparalleled expertise.

As an experienced speaker designer and distributor, he has left an indelible mark on the audio industry, having worked with esteemed brands throughout his illustrious career. Aldo is a current member of the AXPONA Advisory Board.

Beyond his professional journey, Aldo’s roots lie in a family of musicians, and where his father’s stereo shop in Chicago became the starting point for his lifelong fascination with audio. In the early 1970s, the shop transformed into a car audio store, propelling Aldo into the world of audio design. By the mid-1980s, he had ascended to the pinnacle of car audio system design and custom installations, garnering a global reputation and clientele.

While excelling in car audio, Aldo harbored a deep-seated passion for high-end home audio, a sentiment rooted in his childhood experiences building speakers and assembling a Dynaco amplifier at the tender age of 9. This passion culminated in the creation of mini-monitor loudspeakers in the 1990s, sparking the establishment of a small manufacturing business serving both audio enthusiasts and professional recording studios.

In 1995, Aldo co-founded Dynaudio North America, steering the development of the Dynaudio brand and dealer network in North America. His journey led him beyond the audio industry for a period, only to return with the founding of Elite Marketing Dynamics (EMD), the precursor to Luxury Audio Group. Over the years, Aldo’s leadership transformed EMD into a prominent player in the audio industry, culminating in its representation of leading brands like Estelon, Vitus Audio and Crystal Cable.

Aldo’s relentless passion, coupled with his extensive knowledge in audio, engineering, marketing, and sales, laid the groundwork for EMD’s evolution. In January 2024, he unveiled Luxury Audio Group, a visionary endeavor committed to introducing the finest, most exclusive, and luxurious audio products to The Americas. With a mission to showcase these brands with unparalleled passion and elegance, Luxury Audio Group marks the next chapter in Aldo’s extraordinary journey and commitment to audio excellence.

Crystal McKinney

COO/Marketing Director At Luxury Audio Group

Crystal is a dynamic multi-business entrepreneur, boasting a rich and diverse background across various industries. With extensive experience in Real Estate Construction and Development, Event Management, as well as operating ventures within the beauty and marketing sectors, she brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Holding a degree in project management, Crystal possesses a keen understanding of business operations, coupled with a remarkable talent for training, management, and marketing strategies.

At Luxury Audio Group, Crystal serves as a pivotal asset, offering a broad spectrum of support services encompassing accounting, event coordination, and social media marketing. Proficient in software such as Adobe Creative Suite, she previously honed her skills at UCLA Hospital Campus in the IT Department. Furthermore, her background in acting and modeling has endowed her with exceptional communication and presentation abilities, which greatly enhance the business’s overall value.

Crystal’s multifaceted expertise and unwavering dedication make her an indispensable member of the team, poised to drive success and innovation forward.